Swift Aircrafts HD Screensaver

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It seems only recently the first small plane ascended to heaven, the first timid step for man in the sky, and now, after just a few more
decades, the sky furrowed by huge jetliners carrying on board hundreds of passengers over thousands of miles. For short amount of time aircrafts flew a huge leap forward from small primitive aircraft with cloth covered wings to all-metal glittering birds travelling thousands of miles per hour on almost cosmic altitude. Progress can not be stopped. This beautifully made HD screensaver is dedicated to all the fans of aviation, showing on your screen a high-quality images of aircraft of different eras, complemented by a beautiful fading effect. You will see passenger planes, fighter jets, the famous machines of the Second World War and ancient aircraft of the previous century. Download and install this screensaver on your computer, and you and your friends will not be disappointed. This free HD screen saver is dedicated to all the people who sincerely love the sky!

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