Spectacular Landscapes HD Screensaver

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One of the most popular backgrounds to decorate your desktop are various pictures of our Mother Nature. A very special place among them are taken by the most beautiful images of forest views,  mountain landscapes and seascapes. It is unlikely that there is at least one person indifferent to these wonderful gifts of our planet. We have created this screensaver for true connoisseurs of such breathtaking natural scenery, selecting only the best high-quality images and photos in high resolution. Install and launch this free screen saver and open the portal to the most distant and beautiful places of our Earth, directly at your workplace. Take a break for just a couple of minutes and transfer yourself far far away, where all the cares and worries of ordinary everyday life in the big city does not matter. We promise that no one will remain indifferent watching this beautifully made screensaver on his/her computer or laptop.

Requirements: Windows XP or later

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